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Onose's journey

Day 10: Wrap up on CSS Colors

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Day 10: Wrap up on CSS Colors

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Onolunose Oko-Ose
·May 27, 2022·

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Day 10 is upon us people. Will be finishing CSS colors today and moving to another section. The lessons are :

  1. The Box-Shadow Property: The box-shadow property lets you apply one or more shadows around an element. Here is basic syntax.
  2. Blur radius:
  3. Spread Radius: For expanding the radius further. That’s the end of learning about CSS colors. The link to what I did is


P.S: It’s just a little play with CSS colors. Nothing big. I began a new section. The new section focuses on building HTML forms. Will give you guys a better gist tomorrow but for now see how far I have gone.

Day 10 pic 1.PNG

Day 10 pic 2.PNG

Day 10 pic 3.PNG Thanks for reading.

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